European Union Studies

“Geopolitics and Europe – Polish Perspective”

Mr. Krzysztof Szczerski
Secretary of State, Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland

Most people believe that the 21st century simply began at the turn of the millennium, in the year 2000. However, Krzysztof Szczerski, a secretary of state in the chancellery of the president in Poland, came to Yale to posit that the 21st century actually started at three different times.

“You can argue about the beginning of historical periods by defining the nature of the geopolitical order,” he said.

In his talk entitled “Geopolitics and Europe: A Polish Perspective,” Minister Szczerski drew from his experience as a Polish diplomat and statesman to define the three beginnings of the 21st century. The first one occurred in 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union.


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