European Union Studies

Brexit will have far-reaching economic, constitutional, and geopolitical consequences

Momentous. Seismic. Historic. The British vote to leave the European Union was all that and more. For the supporters of the Remain campaign and many in the EU, it is a catastrophic defeat, one that will prove to be immensely costly in a variety of ways to the UK and the EU. For supporters of the Leave campaign and euroskeptics throughout the EU, on the other hand, it is a great victory of democracy, one that will enable the British people, through their parliament, to reclaim the sovereignty that has been lost over the years to the EU institutions.

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Brexit and Burst: Britain Plunges Into the Unknown

Fury over cross-border economic and political cooperation won’t subside despite vote on whether the UK should stay with the EU

Daniel Twining, YaleGlobal, 23 June 2016