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KGB Surveillance in the Baltic Soviet Republics: Documentary Evidence and Coping with the Past Symposium

In December 2018, the National Archive of Latvia began publishing online information left by the KGB in Latvia after the collapse of the USSR in 1991. This has caused quite an uproar as the files contain both the code names and real names of individuals who were possible KGB agents in their own homeland of the Latvian Soviet Republic. Among the some 4,000 people named are a former prime minister of independent post-Soviet Latvia, a supreme court justice, a former foreign minister, and other well-known public figures.

The Putin Exodus and Its Implications for Russia and the West

Human capital is fleeing Russia. Since President Vladimir Putin’s ascent to the presidency, between 1.6 and 2 million Russians – out of a total population of 145 million – have left for Western democracies. This emigration sped up with Putin’s return as president in 2012, followed by a weakening economy and growing repressions. It soon began to look like a politically driven brain drain, causing increasing concern among Russian and international observers.

The Invention of Federalism in the Age of Democratic Revolution

The Yale Center for the Study of Representative Institutions is pleased to invite you to a conference reassessing the frames—conceptual, geographical, and historiographical—in which history of federalism is written. Join us for two days of panels with historians and political theorists on federalist imaginaries in Europe and the Atlantic empires of the late eighteenth century.

Defining Russian Post-War Art: A Collector's Perspective

REEES Program, the Department of the History of Art, and the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures present Igor Tsukanov, Chairman of the Tsukanov Family Foundation (“TFF”), an UK-based charity supporting education, culture, and the arts in Russia and around the world. Mr. Tsukanov will discuss “Defining Russian Post-War Art: A Collector’s Perspective.”

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