Conferences, Meetings and Seminars

Fulbright in Eastern Europe

Center for International & Professional Experience welcomes Angela Rodel, the Executive Director of the Bulgaria Fulbright Commission and Yale alum for a conversation about the work of Fulbright Commissions in Eastern Europe and Fulbright opportunities for faculty, postdocs, students, and recent alumni. Come with questions!

“Europe in Flux” | European Studies Graduate Fellows Conference

This conference will bring together graduate students from across disciplines - political science, cultural studies, history, environmental studies, economics - to discuss the most pressing challenges facing Europe today. Graduate students of Yale University, other universities in the northeast region of the United States, and member institutions of The International Alliance of Research Universities will present and meet together.

Towards a New Greek Miracle: Growth Policies for the Decades to Come

9:00-9:05: Opening Remarks: Penny Goldberg
9:05-9:55: Public Sector Governance and Fiscal Sustainability: Tasos Giannitsis, Dimitris Vayanos
9:55-10:45: Exports and Foreign Investment: Manolis Galenianos, Loukas Karabarbounis
coffee break
11:15-13:00: Lunch Panel with: Costas Meghir, Nikos Vettas, Stathis Kalyvas, Yannis Stournaras, George Papakonstantinou, Yannis Manuelides
coffee break
13:30-14:20: Markets and Competitiveness: Chris Genakos, Vasiliki Skreta

CANCELLED: Stanislaw Wyspianski and His Post-Dramatic Theatre Vision Conference

This conference aims to introduce Wyspianski’s revolutionary ideas, often way ahead of his time, to the American university audience. Preceding those of Gordon Craig and Antonin Artaud and bordering on what we call now post-dramatic theatre (that is non-linear theatrical composition, disconnected images, overlapping of various realities, and interplay between heterogeneous discourses), Wyspianski propagated a vision of an all-embracing, highly artistic, politically responsive, open theatre.

Yale Baltic Studies Visiting Fellows Reunion Conference

This event will bring to the Yale campus past Yale Baltic Studies Fellows. These scholars are from Lithuania – those who received the Joseph P. Kazickas Fellowship – and from Latvia and Estonia – those who received the Juris Padegs Fellowship. At the conference, the fellows will discuss their scholarly work after their time spent at Yale.
The event is sponsored by European Studies Council and Baltic Studies Program, MacMillan Center, Yale University; and the Edward J. and Dorothy Clarke Kempf Memorial Fund.
Conference Schedule:
Day 1 ~ November 20

The Invention of Federalism in the Age of Democratic Revolution

The Yale Center for the Study of Representative Institutions is pleased to invite you to a conference reassessing the frames—conceptual, geographical, and historiographical—in which history of federalism is written. Join us for two days of panels with historians and political theorists on federalist imaginaries in Europe and the Atlantic empires of the late eighteenth century.

Conference: The Caspian in the History of Early Modern and Modern Eurasia

The Caspian in the History of Early Modern and Modern Eurasia workshop, organized by the Program in Iranian Studies at Yale intends to explore the dimensions of the Caspian Sea as a geographical frame for historical study. The workshop asks whether the Caspian functions as a conceptual framework for various forms of exchange in commerce, diplomacy, political culture, forces of dissent and revolutionary movements, movement of peoples, material culture, art, and literature as well as ecology, disease, navigation and maritime culture.

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